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What kind of coaching does Tamara provide?

Voice Training (to increase and improve range, tone, strength, stamina, agility or restore voice from injury/illness), Performance Coaching (to draw out natural presence on stage/on camera, create moments, engage with audiences) and Vocal Producing (to arrange and stylize lines and draw out nuances in voice to refine sound and amplify brand).

What can I book Tamara for?

Book a Single Session - For Initial Consults, Technique Tune-Ups, Spot Work on songs, Song/Performance feedback, and/or Industry/Artistry advice.

Book a 3-Session Package - 3 x 60 min. worth of sessions work on a project (prep for live performances, recording sessions, tours, or auditions) or work on an area of your choice. (6-session packages also available for solo artists and bands to review, tweak, and craft live shows.)

Sign Up for Artist Program - 90 min/month of customized coaching to meet your needs. Designed with the right amount of time and spacing to work on the voice (to build strength and stability, increase full voice range, improve tone and control) but may be used to focus on an area of your choice. Min. 3 month commitment to ensure results. Only available between the months of November and April.

Sign Up for Master Class Performance Series - In this unique 6 week performance series we will go over (and practice) four main techniques no one ever talks about that professional artists and their teams use to engage their audiences and craft a brand that is both authentic and compelling. Details for 2017/2018 classes TBD.


How do I know what kind of first session to book?

In most cases, an Initial Consult is the best option. It’s a 75 min session (same price as a regular hour session) where Tamara can get a full picture of you, your voice/music, and your goals, answer your questions, and suggest next steps. However, if you have something specific you want to come in for, simply book the amount of time you see fit to cover what you’re working on. If you like, see How do I know how long to book?

How do I know how long to book?

If you’re not sure what to book and it’s your first time, best bet is to book an Initial Consult (75 min. and allows Tamara to get a full picture of you, your voice/music, and your goals and suggest next steps).  Otherwise, feel free to book the length of lesson you like.  

~ 30 min sessions are good for Technique Tune-Ups

~ 45 min are good for a Technique Tune Up and work on a song, or to work on artistry.

~ 60 and 90 minutes are good for performance sessions or longer artist consults.

Note - To work on technique/strength/conditioning or projects please look at the 3-Session Package or the Artist Program.  It simply takes consistency and time to properly train the voice.

Please book what is best for you!

What is Tamara’s availability?

During the months of November-April Tamara books the majority of her in-person and Skype study sessions.  Most sessions are booked on these days and times: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thursdays between 10 am and 4 pm MST.  Evening group study is also offered on Mondays (between 5 and 9 pm MST) in the form of a Master Class Performance Series.  If you require other times, or want to bring Tamara into the studio or on-location for recordings/performance prep etc. please let us know and provide any pertinent details.  

During the rest of the year (May-October) Tamara travels and her schedule is less regular, so she sends out emails that outline her availability for Drop-In Sessions. If you’d like to be put on this list, please let us know.

Does Tamara use a method- or what is her philosophy?

Tamara does not use or prescribe to one method, but is well versed in understanding many methods/philosophies/approaches.  Her approach to voice training is heavily influenced by her deep understanding and interest in technique, but also her experience as both an artist and a former competitive athlete.  She tailor makes all her programming and outlines it over time for best results.  She strongly believes that the purpose of technique is to enhance artistry and to help singers be more free and be more themselves.  As for performance, Tamara really believes that every person has unique and authentic things in their voice, presence, and performance, that make them stand out.  She aims to draw these out and craft them in the right shape to allow for performances to translate. She believes in finding the right balance between the discipline of training and the freedom of artistry.  From this balance, she crafts training/programming that consider the optimal way each person learns and thrives.

I’m experiencing issues with my voice. What can be done to help?

It can be very scary, frustrating, and confusing when you are experiencing voice issues due to overuse, misuse, illness, injury, or unknown reasons.  But rest assured, in most instances, a little know-how and the right focus and work- can make all the difference!  Some issues take time to uncover and rehabilitate.  Others may be addressed more quickly. Either way, if you are experiencing a voice issue (loss of voice, change of tonal quality, gaps in voice/inconsistency, changes due to illness or injury) and need help, please reach out and indicate in your note you need help right away.  Please include details regarding your issues if you can.

I’m an organization/studio owner/ individual and would like to book Tamara for a Workshop. How does it work?


to learn more about booking a Workshop with Tamara.

I’d like to book Tamara for a corporate speaking event or corporate coaching/consulting. Who do I contact?

Please contact Kate directly for all Corporate bookings and inquiries.

contact Kate

I’d like to work with Tamara on an album/recording. Should I come in before I record or have her come into the studio?

 If you’re looking to work your songs up to be ready for your album, aim to come see Tamara a few weeks (ideally) before you go into the studio. She will help stylize the sound, arrange compelling vocal lines where necessary, and do fast fixes to optimize your performance. This will give you enough time to work on the changes so they feel natural by the time you record. If your songs are all ready, but you’d like to ensure your best vocal takes, Tamara can come into the studio and work alongside or on the sidelines of your producer.

How does it work to bring Tamara into the studio or on-location to do performance coaching?

Tamara loves coming to the studio to do recordings and work on-location to prep for live shows/videos!  Bookings are typically in 3 hour blocks and consider travel time.   

I have more questions, who can I ask?

We have provided a form on the contact page, please fill out the form including any of your questions.

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